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In-Ear Surround

by Qudelix Incoporated 15 Jul 2023
In-Ear Surround

True 7.1 In-Ear Surround

The T71 USB DAC is a device that provides a discrete 8-channel output interface to the dedicated T71 IEM (In-Ear Monitor). The T71 IEM consists of eight speaker drivers, with four drivers located on the left earbud and four drivers on the right earbud.

The T71 IEM utilizes four ES9219 DAC/AMP chips, with each chip directly driving two speaker drivers. This configuration allows for more precise control over each individual speaker driver, enhancing the audio experience and providing a higher level of customization.

By leveraging four separate DAC/AMP units, the T71 IEM can ensure that each speaker driver receives its own dedicated signal and power, optimizing the audio performance and allowing for accurate sound reproduction. This setup can result in a more immersive and detailed listening experience, especially for professional audio applications or enthusiasts seeking high-fidelity audio quality.


Independent 7.1/5.1 channel driving without down-mixing

For 7.1 or 5.1 surround audio sources, the T71 USB DAC can independently drive the eight-speaker drivers in the dedicated T71 IEM without down-mixing.

By having discrete control over each speaker driver per a surround channel, the T71 USB DAC can accurately position audio elements in the soundstage, creating a more realistic and enveloping listening experience. This level of precision can enhance various applications, including gaming, movie watching, and music production, where spatial audio cues and directional sound are important.


Digital Active Crossover (4x-Over)

For stereo audio sources, the T71 USB DAC, along with the eight-channel DAC/AMP and the eight speaker drivers in the dedicated T71 IEM, is designed to work as a 4-way digital active crossover. The system can split the audio signal into multiple frequency bands and send them to specific speaker drivers.

A 4-way crossover divides the audio signal into four frequency bands, directing each band to a specific set of speakers optimized for handling that frequency range.

By employing digital active crossover technology, the T71 system can process the stereo audio signal and distribute the appropriate frequency bands to the corresponding speaker drivers. This allows for more precise control over each frequency range, ensuring that each driver operates optimally within its designated frequency band.

The benefits of a 4-way digital active crossover in this setup can include improved frequency response, reduced distortion, and enhanced overall audio performance. It enables the system to provide accurate and balanced sound reproduction across different frequency ranges, resulting in a more detailed and immersive listening experience.


8-Channel Analog Audio Output Interface

To deliver the 8-channel analog audio signal from the DAC/AMP to Speaker Units, T71 utilizes(borrows) the full-pin USB-C interface.

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