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by Qudelix Incoporated 17 Jul 2023

Many portable USB DACs designed for use with smartphones feature an internal battery. By incorporating a battery, portable USB DACs can operate independently from the smartphone's battery.

The Qudelix-T71 USB DAC is designed with a 1000mA battery and offers three power modes to accommodate different usage scenarios:

USB Powered
In this mode, the T71 USB DAC draws power solely from the external USB VBUS (Voltage Bus) provided by the connected device, such as a smartphone or computer. The T71 USB DAC uses the power supplied by the USB connection to operate its circuitry and deliver audio output.

Battery Powered
This mode enables the T71 USB DAC to run entirely on its built-in battery. The 1000mA internal battery serves as the sole power source for the device, allowing it to operate independently without relying on the connected device's power. This mode is useful for preserving the battery life of the connected device and providing portable use.

Hybrid (USB + Battery Powered)
The hybrid mode combines the power from both the external USB VBUS and the built-in battery. In this mode, the T71 USB DAC uses power from both sources simultaneously. This configuration can provide advantages such as enhanced power supply stability, extended battery life for the DAC, and reduced power consumption from the connected device.

Battery Replacement Kit

The Qudelix-T71 USB DAC is designed with a replaceable built-in battery, and it offers the advantage of easy battery replacement if the original battery becomes depleted or no longer holds a charge. This feature allows users to extend the device's lifespan without replacing the entire unit.

By providing a Battery replacement kit for the Qudelix-T71 USB DAC, we offer users a convenient solution to replace the battery when necessary. This allows users to maintain the functionality and lifespan of the device without having to rely on professional assistance or purchasing a new unit.

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