Qudelix-5K Reference DAC AMP

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  • Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth
  • Dual ES9219C SABRE HiFi® DAC
  • 3.5mm Unbalanced 2.0V RMS
  • 2.5mm Balanced 4.0V RMS
  • aptX Adaptive, LDAC, AAC, aptX-HD
  • 6 ~ 20 hours battery time
  • USB DAC 96KHz / 24-bit
  • 20-band Double Precision PEQ/GEQ
  • High Sensitivity 3-D LDS Antenna
  • Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation
  • High Sensitivity MEMS Microphone
  • Mobile App iOS/Android
  • PC Chrome App
  • Windows/macOS/Linux

Qudelix-5K Reference DAC AMP

Qudelix-5K Reference DAC AMP

Qudelix-5K Reference DAC AMP


The Bluetooth & USB DAC/AMP

with the most advanced software technology

Advanced Bluetooth
Qualcomm QCC5124

The Qualcomm® QCC5100 series is the most advanced Bluetooth SoC, designed for premium-quality Bluetooth applications.

QCC512x's ultra-low power consumption and powerful DSP capability enable Qudelix-5K to maintain high bitrate LDAC streaming reliably and with longer battery time.

QCC5124, the heart of 5K, embeds dual-core 32-bit KALIMBA DSP running at 120MHz with the new operating system. It enables the device to support more flexible and versatile audio processing capabilities, such as 20-band EQ, cross-feed, and digital crossover.

Dual ESS Sabre

The ES9129 is a high-performance 32-bit, 2-channel audio SABRE HiFi® D/A Converter with QUAC DAC+ Technology, headphone amplifier and analog volume control. The technology provides impressive sound quality with a stable image and immersive soundstage. The ultra-low noise QUAD DAC Technology reduces background hiss without consuming significant power from the battery.

The ES9219 has a unique high-power headphone driver that allows the 5K to deliver up to 2VRMS output, enough to support the most demanding headphones. Moreover, designed with two ES9219, the BALANCED port provides a maximum of 4VRMS.

Professional Grade
20-Band Equalizer

The 5K embedded pro-grade Equalizer is one of the vital benefits of 5K DAC/AMP. It system-widely processes every incoming audio from everywhere: YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, iOS, Android, PC, Bluetooth(all Codecs), and USB. The embedded DSP cores perform double-precision 64-bit EQ processing, providing the most accurate and precise frequency response even at low-frequency range.

5K manages and stores the EQ presets in its internal flash memory. 5K automatically reloads the settings at boot-up and resumes the same EQ profile configured last. So, once you set the EQ using the app, you no longer need to launch the app every time.

L/R Independent EQ

Versatile & Powerful Output
2.5BAL & 3.5UNBAL

Qudelix-5K supports 3.5mm UNBALANCE and 2.5mm BALANCED audio output. The maximum output level of each port is 2VRMS and 4VRMS, respectively, enough to drive any demanding IEMs or Headphones.

It also has a built-in microphone, supporting Bluetooth calls(HFP) and USB MIC.

Concurrent with Bluetooth
Seamless USB DAC

5K also works as a USB DAC with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS devices, Nintendo Switch and PS4/5.

You can simultaneously connect your 5K USB DAC with a PC and the 5K Bluetooth DAC with a smartphone. You can have a 5K charging and streaming simultaneously with a PC or laptop while keeping the Bluetooth link with a smartphone, controlling the 5K through the mobile app.

*Lightning to USB-C OTG cable required for iOS devices with lightning port.

Mobile & PC
Companion App

The Qudelix remote controller apps across various OS platforms are one of the most significant advantages of 5K. The iOS/Android App over Bluetooth and the PC Chrome App over USB are available.

The apps can monitor the real-time status of 5K, including battery, bitrate, volume, RMS, and other helpful information. Also, they can control 5K working modes and EQ flawlessly.

The best companion for higher-end amplifier

Not only as a headphone amp but also as a preamplifier, 5K delivers the best sound quality. You can connect a 5K to another amplifier's analog input, such as a speaker power amp or a desktop headphone amp. No hiss nor white noise.

Furthermore, tuned with the powerful Digital Signal Processor, the 5K's four-channel outputs provide versatile connection options, such as Balanced, Unbalanced Active Ground, or Digital Active Crossover.

High Sensitivity 3-Dimensional
LDS Antenna

5K adopts a High Sensitivity 3-dimensional LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) Antenna. It provides the best RF performance and secure audio streaming over considerable long distances.

Rock Solid

5K has three BGA(Ball Grid Array) IC parts; QCC5124, and two ES9129.

To enhance the PCB reliability and durability, we did the Epoxy Underfills on those sensitive BGA parts, although having additional cost increase. Those parts are bonded twice with soldering and epoxy underfills.

Size & Weight


  • 52.8(H) x 26.7(W) x 15.6(D) mm (including Clip) 


  • 25g


  • 91mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 55mm (H)


  • USB C-to C Cable (120mm)
  • USB C-to-A Cable (120mm)

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