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PC Chrome App

by Qudelix Incoporated 15 Jun 2020
PC Chrome App
  • For a USB DAC use case with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, you can install the Qudelix Chrome Extension.
  • The Qudelix Chrome Extension works over USB, not Bluetooth.
  • You can simultaneously keep the app connections with a smartphone over Bluetooth and a PC over USB.
  • *The Chrome app requires the 5K firmware version 1.12.0 or higher, please update the 5K device firmware first using the mobile app.
  • Most functions and user interfaces are very similar to iOS/Android apps.



  • Click the FW Version in the Device Tab will show you the popup window displaying the firmware version history. When you click the red colored buttons, you can re-update or roll back the firmware. We usually provide the last two firmware versions; One for re-updating and one for rolling back.


  • Double-click(Chrome) custom#1~#20 will show you the popup window for saving the preset.


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