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Mobile App

by Qudelix Incoporated 17 Jun 2020
Mobile App

Google Play:

Apple App Store:


  • We strongly recommend installing and using the app to fully experience the feature-rich nature of Qudelix-5K.
  • The app is just a controller and a monitor; you can use the 5K without the app. Once you configure the 5K through the app, 5K automatically stores the settings and reloads them at the boot-up next time.
  • 5K allows the APP connection with one device at a time.
  • Android App uses the BR/EDR link. So, Android requires the 5K device paired to the system before making the app connection.



  •  iOS App uses the BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) link.
  • 'Connected ⓘ' represents the Audio/Call connection.
  • 'Connected' represents the app connection over BLE.




  • Do not make the BLE connection when pairing the 5K with a Windows PC.
  • When searching for nearby Bluetooth devices in the Windows Bluetooth menu, you will see a Qudelix-5K Audio and a Qudelix-5K.
    • Qudelix-5K Audio (Headset icon) - for Voice Call & Music
    • Qudelix-5K (BLE) - for iOS/Android app connection
  • Make the connection to Qudelix-5K Audio (Headset icon) only.
  • Connecting the Qudelix-5K (BLE) will cause an iOS/Android app connection failure.



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