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by Qudelix Incoporated 25 May 2020 4 Comments

5K supports 96KHZ/24-bit USB audio streaming.

  • USB Audio Class 1.0 / No additional driver needed.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • USB C-to-C direct connection with Android smartphones

You can have it charging and streaming simultaneously with your PC or laptop while keeping the Bluetooth link with a smartphone and controlling every feature of Qudelix-5K through the companion mobile application.

Any incoming sound alert or call ringing from the smartphone will be automatically routed to the 5K, even when you listen to music through a 5K USB DAC.

USB Powered with charging on

When connected to a USB Charger or PC, 5K gets its operating power from the USB VBUS, not from the battery. The USB VBUS charges the battery and simultaneously provides power to the system. It doesn’t consume any battery power, nor doesn’t shorten the battery life.

USB Powered with charging off

If the battery gets fully charged, the 5K built-in charger will stop charging, cutting off the current flow to the battery. Then, the battery automatically becomes disconnected electrically from the system.


Connecting 5K to multiple source devices

5K is a multi-functional DAC supporting Bluetooth A2DP and USB Audio Class. As in the block diagram below, you can have multiple connections simultaneously with two Bluetooth Audio source devices and one USB Audio source device. 5K can keep the connections with multiple source devices, Bluetooth or USB, but it can stream audio from a single source device one by one at a time.

For example, a smartphone and a pc can stream audio to the 5K simultaneously over Bluetooth and USB, respectively. In this case, 5K needs to select one input source based on its priority policy.



    Multiple connections with multiple source devices

    5K can stream audio from one source device at a time, thus, when multiple source devices stream audio to a 5K simultaneously, 5K selects one input.


      Bluetooth and USB icon buttons

      They appear when 5K connects with each source device over the respective link. The icon in Red represents the active audio source currently streaming. The icons are buttons, and pressing an icon would change the input priority.



        Multiple connections with a single source device

        You can connect a 5K to a smartphone with Bluetooth and USB. In this case, the smartphone has two output devices; one is 5K Bluetooth, and the other one is 5K USB. A source device (i.e., a smartphone or a pc) can't output audio to multiple devices. So users SHOULD select the output device to use among the available audio output devices
          *Note that this is nothing to do with the 5K input priority. Instead, you must select the audio output device to use through the iOS/Android control panel.



          Bluetooth Auto Disconnect for USB DAC

          'Bluetooth Auto Disconnect for USB DAC' is a new feature with the software v2.0. 5K automatically disconnects any existing Bluetooth Audio Link when connected to a USB Host. And if the USB is disconnected, 5K reconnects the Bluetooth Audio Link. It only disconnects the Audio Link so that you can keep the Qudelix iOS/Android App and the voice call over Bluetooth.

          For example, When you plug a 5K into a smartphone over USB, the 5K automatically disconnects the Bluetooth Audio link. Then, you unplug the 5K from the smartphone, and the 5K automatically reconnects the Bluetooth Audio link.
          This way, the smartphone will have only one audio output device at a time, the 5K Bluetooth or the 5K USB. It can save you from the tedious work of selecting an audio output device repeatedly.




          iPhone USB DAC connection

          To connect a USB DAC with an iPhone lightning port, we need a Lightning to USB-C OTG Cable Or Apple Camera Kit.

          However, unlike Android USB-C, the lightning port only provides the output current to the accessory up to 150mA. And if the accessory device draws too much power from the lightning port, the iPhone will drop the connection.

          You can temporarily turn off the 5K built-in charger for this use case. (The app, Device, Battery, Charger Control --> OFF)

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          24 Oct 2023 Juno

          Hi there I clicked on learn more because you were at mentioned The device can be used with PS4/PS five under the USB section of the app. This was in relation to the ‘absolute disregard’ toggle. I’m assuming I would just plug USB-C to USB-C into the consul and change the audio input source I guess? I’m gonna because there’s a learn more, but this webpage doesn’t mention anything else about console connection. I primarily use this device in the car fwiw, and btw it’s amazing (especially with my trunk entirely consumed by subwoofers & amps lol)

          08 Aug 2023 Mark Joy

          My issue here was resolved by understsnding the instructions above. The iPhone 150 ma output was insufficient – and dropping the audio intermittently. Turning off the “built in charger” option – as pointed out via Qudelix customer service- fixed the problem. Thank you!

          05 Aug 2023 Mark Joy

          Yes – Same here. I’m unable to achieve USB-C audio input operation via lightning to USB-C cabling whatsoever.

          I have tried all different settings and read every manual and article found on the topic. I have an iPhone 6s+ and wanted the highest possible audio quality. So I stopped using B/T to attempt a wired config. My setup consists of the iPhone cabled lightning to The Qudelix 5k USB-c port, then the 3.5mm output connected (by wire) to my Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones.

          I get no audio this way. However, I can successfully configure and use the components via B/T modes. It is very frustrating. The 5k is a great DAC/amp. But no instructions on configuration options severely limit its potential.

          03 Jun 2023 Lutry

          Hi, I’m using a Lotoo cable, I’m turning off the charger but the USB connection is still not established with the iphone. Any guess what might be the problem? thanks

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