5K supports 96KHZ/24-bit USB audio streaming.

  • USB Audio Class 1.0 / No additional driver needed.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • USB C-to-C direct connection with Android smartphones

You can have it charging and streaming at the same time with your PC or laptop while keeping the Bluetooth link with a smartphone and controlling every feature of Qudelix-5K through the companion mobile application. 

Any incoming sound alert or call ringing from the smartphone will be automatically routed to the 5K, even when you listen to music through 5K USB DAC.


When connected to USB Charger or PC, 5K gets its operating power from the USB VBUS, not from the battery. USB VBUS Power charges the battery up to 200mA per hour and provides the power to the system simultaneously.

If the battery is fully charged, 5K built-in charger will stop charging, cutting off the current flow into the battery. Then, the battery gets floated electrically from the system. This is important for keeping the battery life longer. *As we concerned, many devices don't follow this simple design rule.

Streaming while charging

  • Streaming music over Bluetooth or USB DAC works as usual while charging.
  • It sources the power directly from USB VBUS, not from the battery.
  • It doesn’t consume any battery power nor doesn’t shorten the battery life.

Available Power Source

  • Any standard 5V USB charger
  • PC or Laptop USB port
  • Android Smartphone with USB-C

Maximum charging current = 200mA

The operating profile automatically switched to the performance mode upon the presence of any USB VBUS connection.


USB DAC with mobile source devices

As explained above, USB VBUS power goes to:

  • 5K Built-in charger
  • 5K system primary operating power source

Using 5K as a USB DAC with a smartphone may drain too much power from the phone.

Unlike Android, iOS devices limit the output current from USB to the accessory device. If the accessory device draws too much power from the iPhone, the iPhone will drop the connection.

You can temporarily turn off the 5K built-in charger for those use cases.
(The app, Device, Power, Charger Control --> OFF)