Battery Time

Use a standard 5V charger or PC USB only. (Do NOT use a high-speed charger) 

Warranty void for any permanent damage caused by using a high-speed charger.


The battery time varies across the codec, sample rate, power profile, and the output mode. The sensitivity of the connected earphones/headphones and the output volume level also can make the battery time longer or shorter.


Battery Time: AAC 44.1KHz


Battery Time: LDAC 44.1KHz @ 909Kbps


Battery Time: LDAC 96KHz @ 990Kbps


Please note that the above battery times are LAB test results and may differ across each use case.

iOS users may refer to the table for AAC battery time and Android users to the table for LDAC.

Since LDAC 990kbps runs at three times higher bitrate than AAC, it consumes a bit more battery power, providing 1~2 hours less battery time.

LDAC 44.1KHz@909Kbps and 96KHz@990Kbps run at almost the same bitrate, but the 96KHz consumes more power. In general, a higher FS(Sample Rate) drains more battery power.


Battery Log

To provide a clear and exact view on the battery behavior, 5K keeps logging the battery level at every minute internally. The companion mobile app, once connected to the device, loads and plots the battery log data as below image.

Users can check the efficiency of the operating mode and estimate the remaining time with the current battery level.

5K has a 500mA Li-Polymer Battery.

Manufacturer: VDL (