The Qualcomm® QCC5100 series are the most advanced Bluetooth SoC designed for high-end Bluetooth applications.

Qudelix-5K is the world's 1st Bluetooth DAC/AMP designed with a QCC512x chipset. QCC512x's ultra-low power consumption and powerful DSP capability enable Qudelix-5K to maintain high bitrate LDAC streaming more reliably and for a longer time.

QCC5124, the heart of 5K, embeds dual-core 32-bit KALIMBA DSP running at 120MHz. Moreover, the new operating system for KALIMBA DSP enables the device to support more flexible and versatile audio processing capability. Users can control every setting through the companion iOS/Android/Chrome app. 5K automatically stores all user settings internally and reloads them at the boot-up.

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