We've been developing a new system, named T71

T71 represents True 7.1Ch.

It's mainly designed for personalized, high-quality audio listening purposes with a PC or Laptop:



  • PC gamers
  • those who watch movies with a PC or Laptop
  • audiophiles who listen to music with a PC or Laptop


Qudelix-T71 consists of USB DAC and IEM. 

[Key Specification - USB DAC]

  • Main Processor:
- ARM Cortex M33 
- Tensilica HiFi DSP
  • Software-defined USB Audio Class 2.0
  • 8-Ch DAC with four ES9219C
  • True Multi Channel Audio Output - 7.1 ch or 5.1 ch mode
  • 4-way Active Digital Crossover Output - Stereo mode
  • Audio Source Channel Auto Detection
  • Chrome extension app for Windows & macOS
  • No battery / No Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm UNBAL output
  • 2.5mm BAL output


[Key Specification - IEM]

  • Eight Dynamic Driver - 4 left & 4 right
  • 8-ch analog audio output through the overridden USB-C interface 


True Surround

For any 7.1 or 5.1ch audio source, like PC games or Netflix Movies, Qudelix-T71 delivers true multi-channel audio sound through 8-ch DAC/AMP and eight in-ear speaker drivers. It's not a down-mixed stereo output but a true surround, like a home theater system.

Qudelix-T71 reproduces the original sound experience that producers intended to demonstrate. It's the best surround system for a personalized listening environment.

How about stereo music tracks?

Most music tracks are stereo; eventually, you won't benefit from listening to those tracks with a surround audio system.

However, for stereo audio sources, Qudelix-T71 provides 4-way active digital output, utilizing the 8-ch HW resources.

App Support?

Yes, the Chrome extension app via USB HID will provide everything, including:

  • Firmware update
  • Volume control
  • EQ control
  • System monitoring
  • And everything that other USB DACs can't support.

Release Date

Early 2022