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by Qudelix Incoporated 26 May 2020

One year warranty (Basic Plan)

  • From the date of the first app connection
  • Automatically activated from the first connection with the companion mobile app
  • Any problem arises due to a defect in manufacturing the product will be repaired or replaced.
  • The warranty is transferable and is not limited to the original purchaser.

Warranty is managed upon Bluetooth MAC address and serial number

  • No need to keep the proof of the purchase
  • No receipt nor invoice required for the warranty service

Any issue caused by accident or misuse

  • Can be replaced with a refurbished product at customer’s charge & shipping fee

For any purchase from local distributors 

  • The respective distributor is responsible for the warranty and will handle the case directly.


  • Warranty void if the case opened
  • DO NOT disassemble or open the case.
  • The top and bottom parts are tightly bonded internally and can't be opened even if the screws are removed.


5K Echo Promotion Campaign

Write your review or share photos, and get your warranty extended.

  • A review published on the web (3~6 months warranty extended)
  • A high-resolution photo shared via Facebook or Instagram (1~2 months warranty extended)
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