Volume Control


Absolute Volume Control

In Absolute Volume Control, the source device always delivers the audio stream at the full volume as the original. The receiver device then adjusts the output level as the user sets it to the proper listening level.

2-way Associative Absolute Control

5K Absolute Volume Control offers 2-way associative absolute control for optimal sound quality. It always keeps and guarantees the full precision audio stream over Bluetooth or USB. In either way, via smartphone source volume or 5K device volume, you can control the loudness level without any loss. It is highly recommended to turn on the Absolute Volume for the best sound quality.

  • Smartphone, PC/Laptop volume control
    • Remotely adjusts the 5K built-in Volume Controller
    • Coarse Control
  • 5K Device Volume Control
    • 0.5dB step Fine Control
  • Optimal sound quality at any given volume level
    • No need to care for smartphone volume
    • Any smartphone volume level keeps the best sound quality (Bluetooth and USB)


The 5K provides a higher output power than other portable audio devices. An accidental volume up may damage your ear and IEMs. For high sensitivity IEMs, we strongly recommend limiting the device volume.

The Volume Protection works when two source devices have different source volume level. When you switch the audio source, 5K check the volume differences and adjust the volume the device volume if the level is too louder than the previous level.


Unlike PC USB and iOS USB(over Camera Kit), Android USB Audio doesn't support the Absolute Volume Control. The Android Source Volume scales down the PCM sample as the volume gets lowered. For the best sound quality with Android USB Audio, you will need to keep the source volume at maximum.
And due to the above reason, the Volume Protection may not work as intended when switching audio between Android USB and Bluetooth.

*The Volume(+) button is disabled when no audio streaming to prevent sudden and accidental volume change. Use the app slider to adjust the volume while no audio streaming.