We, Qudelix, have developed the LDAC library for QCC512x by ourselves, upon the official technical partnership contract between SONY and Qudelix. It's the proof of the world-class R & D capability of our team, and we're very proud of that.

Every line of the LDAC software library is optimized for the QCC512x platform and KALIMBA DSP architecture. The highly optimized LDAC library and the ultra-low-power QCC512x enables the LDAC streaming more secure and more extended.


LDAC Latency

5K offers a software option to adjust streaming stability and latency.

  • Secure (most prolonged latency)
  • Moderate (Balanced stability and latency)
  • Aggressive (min. latency)

In the Aggressive Mode, the latency(lag) is less than half of the CSR8675 LDAC, enabling video watching and mobile gaming without experiencing distinguishable delay or lag.


LDAC Bitrate

5K provides several methods to check the current active LDAC bitrate.

Users can check the actual bitrate on the run, with the mobile app. At the same time, LED Blink during LDAC streaming indicates the current bitrate, respectively.

  • LED Blinking for LDAC Streaming Bitrate
    • 330kbps: 2 seconds fade-in & 2 seconds fade-out
    • 660kbps: 1 second  fade-in & 2 seconds fade-out
    • 990Kbps: 10 millisecond  fade-in & 2 seconds fade-out