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by Qudelix Incoporated 25 May 2020 3 Comments

5K has three BGA(Ball Grid Array) IC parts; QCC5124, and two ES9128p.

To enhance the PCB reliability and durability, we did the epoxy underfills on those sensitive BGA parts, although having additional cost increase. Those parts are bonded twice with soldering and epoxy underfills.


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09 Feb 2024 Matt
I was able to find this on one of their other posts. *ESS discontinued ES9218. From Nov 2021, 5K DAC/AMP is manufactured with ES9219C, which is pin-to-pin compatible with ES9218P.
30 Sep 2023 Dan iacob

Following up on Joao’s question above. All the PCB photos show ES9218… was there a change in design since the photos were taken?

23 Sep 2023 João Sequeira

ES9128p??? Could you decide what chip it has? In one page it´s the 8218p, in other 9219c and now 9128p!

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