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5K DACアンプ


by Qudelix Incoporated 11 Aug 2023 5 Comments
User Manual (PDF)

Qudelix-5K ユーザーマニュアル PDF

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22 Jan 2024 Jay

Best little audio device ever. But…

I’m with what that other guy said: I hate the buttons. Every time I use it, I have to look up the PDF manual just to remember how to turn it on. (You have to hold down the blue button for 3 seconds. Actually, that also turns it off…um…it beeps when it turns on. Oh and, um, the button doesn’t actually light up blue until you turn it on, so…it’s the “not red” button. Oh, also, there’s actually a difference between "lower blue button’ and “upper blue button”: it’s sort of like a dual button. So make sure you press “lower” side. Erm, I guess it’s really unclear what “lower” means given that it depends how you orient this device, isn’t it? So, you….well…actuallly, I can’t explain it. Just look up the PDF manual and look at the diagram.)

30 Nov 2023 Dom

I love this product. I hate the buttons. I really hate them. The product is so good, I will buy the next version if there is a slight redesign of the buttons. I am really enjoying it otherwise

12 Nov 2023 Graham

I also want to know if volume balance is an option – there is independent left right eq but it’s not clear if the volume can be adjusted there.

22 Oct 2023 Jay

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out which 2.5 mm type of cable I’m supposed to use balanced output into my cars aux. Am I able to use a standard 2.5 mm 3.5 mm TRRS, Or does this specifically have to be a balanced 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm cable (R+/R-/L+/L-/G) on both ends? I’m quite confused about which cable or adapter to use, to ensure the best audio for my car’s sound system. Supposedly having it balanced on both ends would disable the mic, or maybe cause other problems. Tbh I don’t care about the mic function I just want to use this as my receiver instead of the horrible stock one in my car. That being said, which cable should I use to get the 4V out to car Aux?

18 Oct 2023 Paul Grant

Hi there.

The 5K Dac/Amp looks to be a great product. My hearing is worse in my right ear than my left, is volume balance control available in the app? Best wishes.

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