Will this product be sold in California? What price will it sell for?
Hello ! Will Qudelix 5K be sold in Los Angeles California ? How much money will this product sell for ? Can I use it to play computer games ? Thank you for your time !
We're going to sell this product here in Korea first.
And then, Amazon US next.
However, we can ship it to you directly, if you want.
It depends on, but shipping cost would be around 10 USD.
We're trying to figure out the best and cost-effective way to deliver the product directly to the oversea customers.
The MSRP would be 110 USD.
Yes, you can have it connected to your PC as a USB DAC.

Thank you~!
Hello again, so Qudelix 5k will be $120 USD to be sent to Los Angeles California? What can we expect in the package? If the parts and batteries arrive from China and the mass production begins in Korea, we can order this product around the end of March 2020? Do we buy from this website? We have to make an amazon US account to purchase this product? Thank you for your time!