When start funding?
when start funding?
and when end funding?
Seem to be no posts or replies for some time - is Qudelix still in business?
I was thinking the same 1 month whitout any life signes
same here, still searching for info
I apologize for keeping you waiting so long.
The good news is that we finally confirm the chassis design and just started making chassis mold for mass production. Assuming its size and complexity, we expect it would take 6~7 weeks to get the final plastic injection.
We had already ordered QCC512x chipsets last year, and we'll get them by the end of this month.
Meanwhile, we're checking and checking PCBA repeatedly to find any hidden issue, if any.
There are many challenging issues and hurdles for this project. It's the first QCC512x application, and we also need to develop the LDAC by our selves for the QCC target. We're figuring them out step by step, but it takes time.
The primary reason why we opened this project public earlier was to get your feedback and to build the HW specification together. And surely, we believe we had the most of your input when designing the HW.
Anyway, as mentioned above, we've ordered the main parts of the HW and chassis molding, which means we'll start the mass production sooner or later.
For now, at the moment, we keep focusing on development.
We won't let you down. Please give us some more time.
Thank you!