[Qudelix Team] Status Update
Dear All,

At first, a sincere apology for the delay in the release schedule.

We mentioned before; we already have a few thousand of PCBA.
And we received the battery and the clip two weeks ago.



Unfortunately, we found a little defect in the clip parts.
We checked the preproduction sample, approved, and ordered the clip parts. (5K quantity) But, the clips we've received are slightly different from what we've ordered and approved.
Especially the touch feels on the surface is different from what we specified.
Some would feel it, and some would not. It's a little different.
We could proceed with the mass production with the clip that we think has a little defect.

In general, we're supposed to visit the clip manufacturer and check everything before the mass production.
But this time, we had no choice but to work remotely together online.
Well, we couldn't check the touch feels on the surface over photos and emails. We thought that we could manage everything against COVID-19.
But, now, we have to realize COVID-19 changes many things around us.

We know you're losing patience, and we're losing our time and money.
But, we can't go to mass production with the part that we think has an issue whatever small it is.

We destroyed the clip part that we received this time.
And we made new orders for the clip part to two other manufactures, one in Korea and one in China;
Two manufacturers for the clip part from now on.

We'll run the production as soon as receiving the new clips on June 10.

We believe 5K is deserved to wait.
Please support us with your little more patience.

While you're waiting for, we want you to go through every detail on 5K;
It would help you to make a choice.

Thank you and best regards,
Qudelix Team

Thanks for the update ... I support you in the later release if you believe it benefits the quality.

Would it be possible for you to open a forum topic, name it "Online shop" and use it exclusively for respective announcement, so people can subscribe to it and have "peace of mind" to receive an instant email notification once orders are accepted?

Because as of now your updates are (a) scarce and (b) you keep changing/ opening new forum topics to communicate any status updates to which people are not subscribed.

That would safe people the time to frequently re-visit your website.
As far as I am concerned, if the thing is only the clip and does not affect the sound quality, I would have taken it nonetheless :-)
So if you have one of those that is ready to ship with the "old" clip an,d are ready and willing to ship it, I won't complain about that... and will review it taking that in consideration.

My real fear with all those complications, is that the original price will grow and get past what I was willing to spend.

So, besides the first request (shipping with "defective" clip, my question is : do you know for sure what the selling price will be ? I think it was announced for 99$ but is already said to be released for 119$. So do you know what the final price will be ? Will it include shipping to Europe ?

We already announced that the price is 109 USD.
No change on the price.
Thank you.

Dear @Qudelix,
Thank you for the update.
I appreciate the fact that you aren't satisfied with the faulty clip and sticking to your original choice of quality.
Just a thank you message. Stay safe!

Oh... Sorry, I did not see the price given anywhere.

If it is 109$, I'll wait for it :-)

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes, it's 109 USD.
Plus, shipping fee 10 or 20 USD.

Thank you,
Qudelix Team