Qudelix 6k with huge Battery 6000maH possible later on?
with todays Smartphones and battery powered mobile devices I always feel, that I have to take care about them and keep in mind how much battery I have left. It annoys me, as it is taking up some lifetime, I always have the feeling, I have to take a lot of care of electronics - they do add "work" instead of just being little "helpers".

Can I ask you to bring a Qudelix 6k with a big battery later on?
This way the device could be running for a very long time, even with powerhungry headphones. It could then also be used as a power bank to fill up the smartphone battery - there would be no more need for users to carry a power bank around!
This would turn the qudelix into the "thing that does everything" :-D

an added benefit would be an overall longer lifecycle of the product.
I have read reviews of users of the es100 stating that the battery was nearly dead after 1 year of daily use because of the repeated charging...
Having a bigger battery would also increase the lifetime of the product greatly,
making it a lot more sustainable!

Me I could easily live with the bigger dimensions the device would have with a bigger
battery. I think a lot of users would feel the same!

What do you think, and what do other users think?

By the way, the name 6k would even fit the battery size... ;-)
This is a strange requirement. You can use mobile power supply to meet your requirements. 6000ma battery can't match 20g weight obviously. I need 20g weight and mini size more than heavy battery.
Why you want to combile a 6000mah mobile power with 5k?That's stupid. This forces the 5K to lose its lightweight volume and weight. You can connect the 5K to the mobile power supply and continue to use the 5K when charging. In addition, 5K provides a maximum range of 21h.
I am not asking to change the spec of qudelix 5k. I am asking of perhaps bringing Qudelix 6k with huge battery to market later on. Only battery size and device housing would have to change, perhaps you could even use existing pcb for that?
I do not think it is stupid and I think there are lot of users who feel the same as me.
I have Huawei p20 pro smartphone. Battery lasts for 2 days if I dont use it all that much.
Personally I would have chosen Huawei P20 pro plus with huge battery that can last for a week, if there were such a thing! I would gladly accept the increased thickness and weight... there are a lot of advantages I can think of:

1.) Right now I carry around 3 things: Smartphone, battery pack & ES100,
with big battery on Qudelix 6k, carrying around a battery pack is no more necassary, as Qudelix 6k could also function as battery pack if needed. Only 2 things to carry around!

2.) You state battery life of 21 hours on Qudelix 5k. It is going to be a high quality headphone amplifier also able to drive high ohm powerhungry headphones in balanced mode.
surely battery life on 5k for those is more like 9-10h - not all that much, I will have to think about loading it more often.
Having a big battery will allow for loading it one time, putting it in your pocket and use it for a whole week without having to think of loading the battery - very user friendly I think!
It is going to be a high quality audio device, and as such I would not mind if it was bigger...

3.)Not having to load the battery often will drastically enhance battery life in the long run. Battery on my ES100 is starting to go bad after 1 year. I really like it, and I hate that it is going to break at one point.
When I love something I dont want to have to throw it away after 2 years, I want to use it longer! With a new device, you always have to get used to it, which can be annoying... Also it is creating electronic waste.
Big battery would make a possible "qudelix 6k" more sustainable, as one could use it for many years.
Battery on qudelix 5k is improved by 60% so it is already better. But still there will be a lot of users wishing for more I think... I am definately one of them!

4.)For you engineers it would not be a lot of work, all the engineering has been done already for qudelix 5k. All you would need is another housing.
In the app you could apply a switch "use 6k in usb-dac mode" / " use 6k only in bluetooth mode and as battery pack"
If the device is qudelix 5k this option could be hidden in the app, as it could never serve as a battery pack.

5.)The ES100 is ridicoulusly small compared to my headphones (Meze classic 99).
I would not mind at all, if it was 5 times as big, then it would not feel like a tiny plastic toy, but like the serious hifi device it really is.

Me as a user, If I had the choice between bulkier qudelix 6k without clip and bigger battery and qudelix 5k being smaller, lighter and cheaper, I would always decide for qudelix 6k!

I wonder what other users think about it.

again: I am not asking to change spec of 5k - just giving you an idea for a qudelix 6k.

6000mAh battery is obviously not suitable for 5K. It can be a suggestion for 6K.Obviously, it will make 6K bigger. When it has a larger volume, similar large products on the market tend to have more complex circuit design and more power consuming chips to obtain better sound quality. The final effect may not be able to support longer endurance. If 6k just replace the battery with a bigger one, and nothing else change, it will have the same effect as directly connecting a mobile power supply. Moreover, it can no longer be clipped on the shirt collar. Because of this,the microphone may no longer be easy to use.Providing battery replacement services may be a better solution. The 5K uses a standard 3.7V lithium battery, which is easy to replace. A 3.7v500mah lithium battery usually costs only $5. Two screws are used on 5K's shell for easy disassembly.
I also like the idea of a bigger battery. I don't need it as a bower bank as I have a dedicated big one on the road.

But increasing / double the capacity eg. 1000mAh would be nice on long trips. The device itself wouldn't be too heavy or big but easily last longer than 24 hours in tougher environments.

I use the es100 and like it much because I get many hours playtime but for a long ride a day it do not last without charging at least twice a day.

Best regards
It seems crazy, but I think it's an interesting idea.