Purchase notification
I am interested in buying, but was wondering if I can fill in my email somewhere so I get a notification when it's up for purchase.
Thanks in advance!
Yes, we will inform you as soon as we get ready.
Just in case, please enter you email and subscribe us at the end of our home page.
The battery factory in china started the business again, but not yet fully recovered but 50% only. We will begin with the PCBA mass production first while waiting for the battery coming.

Thank you
Thanks @qudelix for the repsonse.
I subscribed and I appreciate the extra progress info!
I heard that you will crowdfunding on KickStarter, but I didn't find your project on KickStarter. Can I buy it? I need a new Bluetooth now. Can I have a link like this?

I'd like to get the K5 by kickstarter too. Please inform me if it happens.
I would like to buy 1 unit when ready, Will u be able to ship to Singapore?