Possibility of ambient mode?

I'm loving the specs on this so far, and a 20 band PEQ is astounding on a portable dac/amp. However, is it possible to have an "ambient mode", wherein all (or some) of the built in mics turn on and pump in the outside audio? This would be extremely helpful for someone like me who uses custom IEMs which are difficult to take out and block out all noise; it would help massively with convenience. It would make it so I don't need to take them out when someone comes to talk to me, or if I'm walking to the store I can hear my surroundings.

It could be something as simple as tapping a button in the app and all the mics turn on. The audio pumped in doesn't even need to be very good, just good enough to hear someone in front of me talking. The es100 has this feature, but its problem is that it shuts off when music isn't playing. Frankly, that's the one of the reasons I'm using the es100 right now, as it's so convenient with custom IEMs. And if this feature is included in the 5k then I think it may very well be the perfect portable dac/amp under $200.

Well regardless, I'm excited for this release!
Yes, it's possible.
But currently, we're focusing on the device hardware itself.
We'll check every feature request and provide them across the firmware updates.
Thank you!