On automatic entering standby mode without operation for a long time
When it stops playing for a long time, will 5K sleep and stand by automatically or shut down automatically? Can I choose to sleep or shut down automatically? Some people want to sleep automatically, thinking that it can be activated quickly at any time by pressing the key, rather than rebooting. Is the Bluetooth connection disconnected in sleep standby mode? (in addition, I know that LDAC connection consumes more power than SBC, but I don't know if LDAC still consumes more power if it stops playing and only keeps connected, even if it doesn't have data transmission, if so, whether it can automatically switch SBC or aptx ll and other more power-saving connections when 5K enters the sleep state, and then restore LDAC when you activate 5K from the sleep standby state Connect so you don't miss calls and messages. )Others think that automatic and complete shutdown can save more power than automatic sleep, and restart when you need it, if it lasts a short time. But there are people in part 3 who think that whether they sleep or shut down automatically, they are deprived of the ability to hear messages or phone calls at any time, so they want to be able to stay connected and active at all times. To sum up, if Auto sleep or auto shutdown is optional, the required time limit can also be set, or if you don't like it, you can turn off these functions. All of these are to avoid missing phone calls and message prompts, and save as much power as possible.
Well noted.
The power consumption at idle is very tiny and isn't different across the codecs. QCC512x provides the best power efficiency, and we have a 500mA battery now.
By the way, let us keep focusing on the HW at the moment, not the SW and side menu. The SW option can be added and updated anytime.
Thank you!