New dac changes
Hello will the es9218p sound better then the akm4377 or is this change just for battery life time 


Thank you for your inquiry about the new design change.
Please check our blog posting below:

Both AKM4377a and ESS9218p are good enough to deliver the same sound quality as long as the application is designed and implemented correctly.

Both DACs require a precise external clock. At any given DAC, the external clock defines Sound Quality much. In terms of application viewpoint, ESS allows the application to use more wide variety of clock frequency. So, we can choose not only audio clocks but also very precise RF clocks for ESS DAC, for example.

And ESS9218p provides eight types of digital filters.

We're designing 5K DAC/AMP with every technical benefit of ESS9218p, and the final application would deliver the best Sound.

Thank you!

What about the "ESS bump"? Have you been able to solve that? I know that the designer of the E1DA 9038S mobile DAC got rid of it.

Info about the bump :
Thank you for the note.
It's interesting issue.
As noted in the blog posting, we see many applications don't deliver the real performance of ESS DAC. It's tricky to handle. But once implemented well, it should be as good as the other DAC.
LG Hi-Fi Smartphones use ES9218p, and as far as I concerned, there's no issue like that. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyway, if ES9218p really has the design flaw or our ES9218p application product has such an issue, we'll not release our product without resolving the design flaw.
Once we ready, we will share the internal performance test result.
Thank you!