Microphone and aptx adaptive
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Does the 5k have single or dual microphones? How effective is the noise cancelling (microphone) expected to be with 1 vs 2 microphones?

Also, qualcomm lists the qcc5124 as the only member of the qcc5100 family which doesn't support aptx adaptive. Perhaps this is a typo on their website, but how is it being implemented on the 5K?


5K has a single high sensitivity MEMS microphone for voice calls.
Please make sure that 5K doesn't support ANC(Active Noice Cancelling).

QCC5124 supports aptX Adaptive.

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For the microphone, I was referring to cVc. I've seen bluetooth products with two microphones, so I was wondering if there would be any impact to voice quality for calls.

Qualcomm's comparison of the chipset had it missing. Thanks for the clarification!

Voice Call quality is one of our essential design considerations.
Qualcomm CVC(Clear Voice Capture) is a software solution processing the in/out digital signal for echo cancellation and noise reduction.
However, in the most indoor use case and earphone use case, there is not much echo problem or wind noise issue, and CVC might not provide many benefits.
Of course, CVC can enhance the voice call quality, but the baseline microphone performance would impact the voice quality much more.
5K with high sensitivity MEMS microphone would provide good enough voice call quality.