Kickstarter Status
Any news on Kickstarter status?
First off, sorry for the delay in the schedule.
As you may know, we changed the HW design with ES9218p and extended the battery capacity with 500mA.
The new working sample with those changes would be ready early November.
Then, we can take the photo and might be able to start the Kickstarter campaign mid-November.
We keep working on it to the best.
Thank you!

Thanks for the update and your continued efforts to perfect the 5k.  Looking forward to KS and beyond.
Thanks for the update. 
What's the fastest way to get 5K?
I cannot wait anymore.
Is there any news about the Kickstarter campaign?
@Joe, I think we are all just going to have to be patient and let Qudelix do their thing.  I'm sure when KS does "kick" off, there will be emails, website posts, Facebook updates, forum posts, etc.  In other words, everyone will know quickly.