Is there any progress in 5k?
  1. Is it on sale this month?
  2. Where is it sold?
We're setting up the mass production line here in Korea while waiting for some parts.
Still waiting for the battery from china factory, but if received on time, we're going to start the production around the end of March.
Anyway, worst case, we may able to release at least next month.
Before we set up the Amazon online store, we can ship it to you directly.
Thank you!
I want one too!
Please,  count me in. 
Please add me to the first batch too, I want to receive, I am from Russia my email
Excellent news! I've been holding off on getting one of these kind of units for a bit. I am very excited to hear it is coming a long and will be out soon. I'll buy direct when available! :)
"Still waiting for the battery from china factory", all shipments from China are much delayed because cities and factories' shut down. Maybe less than half of factories re-opening now and lack of labours. You need to prepare for that.
please ,I'm down
In Taiwan
I'm very skeptical about the current timeline, given the outbreak of COVID 19.... Ofc the excellent folks at Qudelix got nothing to do with it, just pure unluck :/ 
Interested to get one. I live in Indonesia and don't have good Amazon coverage (expensive shipment to Indonesia from Amazon, or for electronics sometimes they simply will not ship to Indonesia).
Taiwan +1 🇹🇼
I buy one from first order !
Reg from Poland !
I'm also getting in line for the new device.
+1 Latvia 🇱🇻
Count me in too please!
Keep me posted please!
Germany (Frankfurt am Main) +1
+1 Russia
How much approx. will it cost?
Please inform us in some way when it is available, I would also like to buy one immediately!
If this is actually how people are requesting first purchases then I will put mine here too.
 I came across the info that the price would be $120. Is this correct?
I want one too
+1 or 2 for me as well
Same here. Excited!
I'm also skeptical because of the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 (I live in Spain and it's somewhat chaotic here...). But, of course, it's understandable, so I can wait!

Nevertheless, this little device would be a great help for me to endure the quarantine... :-)
Same here, this device is exactly what I've been hoping would one day be released. 
Stay well and healthy first and foremost ... who cares about a delay for a month or two in the great scheme of things.
does anyone know what the status is on purchasing? i'm going stir crazy at home cause of the corona and cant wait to be wire free (or almost). 
Korea's COVID-19 is under control very well. Korean society is in a stable state as usual, with the exception of a few inconveniences. I think it will be released in Korea no later than April.
If that's the case let's hope the Chinese company can deliver batteries in time. Fingers crossed!
Can't wait to listen to and fiddle with this device :)
Yeah, I'm signed up to be notified over email (I believe), but count me in as well for whatever it's worth!
Can't wait to switch to Qudelix 5K from my FiiO BTR3 unit. Please count me in.
Hi there,

Any idea on the cost? In £ or Euros.

I recently bought the ES100 and due to the situation World wide I have until the end of May to return it. Time is tight still :)

Hope you well in Korea.
I too would like an early purchase.   I was considering the BTR5 and UP4 but the design of the 5K certainly has my attention.  Please informed of availability.