import *.csv frequency response? and some other questions
1) Anyway to backup (so I can edit :D ) or import *.csv frequency response? Able to change the frequency to eq will help a lot people.

The *.csv file would look like this:
Freq DB

2) Auto shutdown? (choosing minutes for shutdown in the app)

3) A small surround effect like iFi xDSD has?

4) I know you can't do it but... Importing a .wav impulse response? (like the software HeSuVi)
I want Impulse responses in dacs.. Will it ever happen? That would be a game changer.

Thank you for trying to make the best wireless dac possible. Can't wait for the kickstarter.

import *.csv frequency response? and some other questions
1) Yes.

2) Yes.

3) unfortunately, no plan at the moment.

4) The required MIPS and Memory are too much for 5K.
We've already checked the feasibility earlier.
The implementation is straightforward, and we can support an FIR filter with user-defined coefficients easily.
But the problem is: how many taps?
To get those impulse responses worked as expected, we need many numbers of MIPS and Memory, that are out of the 5K resource.

Thank you!