Hardware buttons
The ES100, which I am using as I write this, is amazing in every way you developed it.  But, the button placement, size, texture, and how far they protrude is just awful.

The power/play/pause button is too close to the balanced input, which I use, and is tiny and flat. The << >> and + - buttons on opposite sides are identical, also flat and don’t feel different from one another. It’s a major pain point in an otherwise excellent device

Will your next generation device fix these issues

Thanks and look forward to your launch. 
5K DAC/AMP has four buttons, two left, two right.
We placed them in the upper corners, so it would be more comfortable to operate them.
We also placed a red LED in the left button, and a blue LED in the right.
You can quickly check which one is which, seeing the light.
Lastly, one button is flat, but the other one is not.
You can distinguish the difference between the two of them without seeing them.
Thank you!