Feature request

One of my favorite feature on the ES100 is the headphone output estimate, but it would be great if you could set up custom profiles, which saves impedance, sensitivity, volume, and maybe even EQ profile. It's inconvenient to re-enter all that info and also potentially dangerous to plug in more sensitive IEMs after listening to over-ears.

Also, it would be great if you could make the hardware button register quick clicks, on the ES100 the only option is to press it once (the device ignores multiple clicks) or hold it down, but I am in the habit of rapid pressing volume up/down because I'm aware of how many steps it'll take to get to a certain volume. Also, I found that for most headphones/IEMs the default steps of 0.5db was very small, maybe that could be user-adjusted?

Also, I've noticed that Sony managed to have only 1 volume control with its wireless over-ears, where adjusting volume on the headphone itself is the same as adjusting system volume, instead of separate Android/hardware volume. I can imagine this is difficult to implement, but I must say it's convenient.

I'm not expecting all these features straight away, but perhaps it could be implemented later in a software update. Looking forward to the release. 
Thank you for your kind input.
Yes, we'll update the app and the FW, as you suggested.
It would take time, but we'll update them step by step once we release the product.

The volume control is one of the most significant design considerations when we make a system. We want to make it simple and easy, but the primary interest of us is sound quality. We need to keep the sound quality without any loss even at a lower volume level in which most users listen to music.

Anyway, we're trying to figure out how to provide both easy UI and sound quality at the same time. Your suggestions might be one of the options, and we'll consider them for further updates.

Thank you!