Design and changing battery, silicone case?
I love that the design has screws. Has it stayed that way? It would be really easy to open it to change the battery. The design doesn't look case friendly. Any possible silicone case options?

Thank you!
Unfortunately, the screws won't help you disassemble the chassis.
The chassis consists of two parts; top and bottom.
Both of them are tightly bonded together internally, holding the PCB.
The screws make them fixed harder, especially the USB-C connector.
But, releasing the screw lock won't make the disassembling possible.
As always, we strongly recommend not replacing the battery for safety.

Anyway, after releasing 5k in the market, we'll keep updating the F/W.
And we're planning to release the accessory package for 5K.

Thank you!

Would be really cool to have a case like a premium True Wireless case (that would fit the 5k and a pair of IEM with short cable). With solid construction/build materials and a magnetic case lid that you can open with one hand.