Charge safety & Overcharge protection
Is charging current limited? I hope the 5K can be intelligently adapted to facilitate the use of my output 18W (5v3a) mobile phone charger, because it will be more convenient for charging.
In addition, appropriate protection measures should be designed to ensure the safety of 5K and my earphones, even if the earphone plug is accidentally pulled out when I use the 4V maximum power output of 2.5mm jack, there will be no fault.
Besides, I want to know what kind of difficulties you have encountered? If it's a financial problem, we would be happy to help solve it through crowdfunding. What you need to know is that there are so many people willing to participate in the fund raising to support the smooth progress of 5K. But we need a specific schedule, such as if KickStarter will be delayed to December, or be cancelled directly.I already know that we must wait until February 2020. But before that, we need to know what we can do to participate in addition to just waiting. Please let us know.Thanks.
The USB-C power delivery specification is designed to do that.
You can use any USB power adapter for any USB-C device. Surely, 5K follows the USB-C power specification, and you can use any USB-C power adapter as well as generic USB power., for charging 5K.

Also, 5K already has an over-current protection scheme. It also has a thermal protection scheme.

Again, an apology for the delay in the campaign.
We believe we're in the middle of the pre-campaign.
We opened this project in public, received many of your input, consequently changed the HW design.
Currently, we're checking in the new ES9218p HW.
Although it works great, we need to be sure of everything before we commit it officially.
We can't let it go before we are 100% sure about the product.
We want to deliver a better product.
Please give us some more time.