Better control for Multi-Point-Pairing
Hi, I'm heading toward the new device. Make so much good experience with the es100.

It would be great to give more control in multi point pairing. I like to easy change the priority of the paired devices in the app. In es100 I had to reset the device and pair the most important device first.

Would be nice to configure the client priorities in the companion app.

Independent from this it would be great to do a soft reset triggered by the app. It would be a easy workaround on the road if something went wrong.

Best regards
Thank you for your kind input.
Yes, multi-point pairing is one of the key features that we'd like to deliver.
We'll keep updating the FW together with the users toward the best.
And "soft reset the device" is already in the app menu.
The initial version of the F/W would be just a beginning. We'll keep it updated until QCC512x has no more room for that.
Thank you !