Balanced to Unbalanced Adapter
Will the k5 be damaged if I use a balanced to single ended adapter? I don't want to buy balanced cables for all my headphones to take advantage of the balanced output.
We're going to provide the software option for using 2.5mm BAL to 3.5mm UNBAL adapter.
There are mainly two reasons for using a Balanced interface.

One is to double the output power by having two more DAC/AMP output the inverted version of the source signal.

The other one is to eliminate the Common Mode Noise. The ground loop noise can also be canceled out with a balanced interface.

3.5mm consists of 3 wires, sharing common ground pin both at the left/right speaker. Thus, any 2.5mm BAL to 3.5mm adapter would tie/short L- and R- output together electrically.

We're going to provide the software option to zeroing out the L- and R- output. In this way, the ground pin from the earphone/headphone would be connected to the 5K amplifier output, not to the 5K ground. And the amplifier operates as usual but produces zeros consistently. It can eliminate the common mode noise and ground loop noise, but the output power would be the same as the unbalanced.

We've been receiving the same request as yours, and we'll provide the option for that.

Lastly, 5K DAC/AMP has a built-in short circuit protection mechanism, and in case of any issue, the DAC/AMP will be off automatically. No damage, but just shutting down.

Thank you!