Automatic Car Pairing
Hi there,

I'm interested in finding out if this device will offer an automatic pairing mode that shuts on and off with a car. The two main competitor devices offer this feature and I would like to know if your device will be competitive in this area as well. To make the best of my car's sound system, I prefer to use a portable DAC than the bluetooth that's found in the car already. That being said, having to manually connect to the device becomes a bit of a chore and I'm hoping that this is something that you guys are considering.

Thanks for your time.
QCC5124, the core processor of 5K, is the most advanced Bluetooth system-on-chip.
The competitor devices are still with CSR8675.
QCC512x, along with our software, would provide more software values and benefits than the CSR8675 application devices do.
We're now focusing on the HW and production.
The initial version of the FW and the App may not include what you want to have, but you will have it eventually.
Thank you!