Auto off feature?

I bought an ES100 and am overall very satisfied with my purchase, only problem I had was the clip broke after a year or so of heavy use. One feature I found lacking in the ES100 was an auto-off function, perhaps you can make a toggle to make the device shut off automatically after ~10 min or so.

Was also wondering if the 5K will function as a Bluetooth transmitter for the source as well, I know some competitors offer this feature. I've got a pair of wireless headphones that support Aptx-HD but my phone does not. Would also be great to add Bluetooth to my desktop.

Anyways, looking forward to its release date, hopefully soon.
Yes, the device will support the auto-off feature.

We'd love to provide the TX capability with 5K, but the current version of QCC512x SDK(Software Development Kit) only supports the receiver functionality.

Thank you!