Adjustable Ambient Mode
Will the 5K DAC have an adjustable ambient mode i.e. mixing music with ambient sound captured from the mic? This feature would be very useful for safely listening to music while cycling / running / in busy urban areas with traffic.
Yes, you will have it with 5K DAC.
Great, thanks!
My main use case for Ambient Mode is when I want to pause the music to talk to someone. Thus,  I’d like that to be conveniently toggled:
  • Medium-long-press (1-2 sec) on power button pauses music, activates Ambient Sound. AS/pause off with short press.
Does that sound reasonable?


Thank you for your input.
Just updated the feature request table, including yours.

We're now focusing on HW development, Audio Performance, RF, power consumption, and others.
The initial version of the FW and the app might support some or none of them, but we'll try the best step by step.

About the button mapping, we're considering designing soft buttons, which mapped to any functionality shortcut, like keyboard shortcut preference in PC OS.

Thank you!