PC Chrome App

  • For a USB DAC use case with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, you can install the Qudelix Chrome Extension.
  • The Qudelix Chrome Extension works over USB, not Bluetooth.
  • You can simultaneously keep the app connections with a smartphone over Bluetooth and a PC over USB.
  • *The Chrome app requires the 5K firmware version 1.12.0 or higher, please update the 5K device firmware first using the mobile app.
  • Most functions and user interfaces are very similar to iOS/Android apps.



  • Click the FW Version in the Device Tab will show you the popup window displaying the firmware version history. When you click the red colored buttons, you can re-update or roll back the firmware. We usually provide the last two firmware versions; One for re-updating and one for rolling back.


  • Double-click(Chrome) custom#1~#20 will show you the popup window for saving the preset.




You need the following udev rules for the Chrome app to work on Ubuntu – https://gist.github.com/lightrush/1cc8a8c53271146a5601f60256867bb8. Place that at `/etc/udev/rules.d/100-qudelix.rules` and add yourself to the `plugdev` group. Reboot and you should be good to go.


Chrome? i don’t use that crap, i use Firefox, here you are mandating people to use Google stuff.

Vijay Pal

Love my Qudelix 5K, but hate to see that there is no app that can work without Chrome (or other Chromium based browsers). I use Firefox and choose not to use any Chromium based browsers. I can understand if developing an extension for Firefox is too much work to be worth it, but making an Electron application based on the Chrome extension should be relatively easier.

Vasyl Kashuba

Why aren’t you developing anything for wireless PC? Android has everything wireless, why do I have to use usb cable to configure something? Not sure why, but my audio is not adjustable in bluetooth mode on windows, only through app that use it, general windows volume doesn’t effect it without cable. Sigh…

Ace Estaniel

I use firefox and vivaldi as my browsers. The chrome extension is not compatible with firefox and vivaldi crashes when I try to connect the device. Are you planning to come up with a windows app soon so it doesn’t have to be browser based?

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